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Valorant Review: Dynamic Tactical Shooter

Valorant is a multiplayer tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. Download Valorant, choose a hero you like, and engage in dynamic 5x5 battles.

Graphics 5/5

Valorant offers players quite realistic graphics – actually, the level design feels a little bit bland and boring. However, this restrained approach allows you to focus more on the gameplay instead of getting distracted by level decorations. The overall visual style instantly reminds you about Counter-Strike, and that’s great since only a few games have been thought-out enough to match that level of map design.

Gameplay 4/5

Basically, the entire Valorant gameplay feels like a Counter-Strike-style shooter with a distinct vibe that makes you think of Overwatch-like games. The game features just four maps – but their design is really exceptional, and new maps will be added soon. Anyway, it’s going to take months before you really get used to these maps with all of the tactical possibilities they provide. The shooting aspect is also hard for people who’ve never played CS before, so prepare for a relatively steep learning curve.
However, precise shooting and strategic mind games are not the only features of this Valorant shooting game. There is also an Overwatch-like hero system that allows you to play not as an anonymous agent or terrorist but as a distinct hero with his own unique set of abilities. These abilities look a little bit strange for a tactical shooter since they can instantly change the balance on the battlefield. But Riot Games will definitely introduce some changes to the game balance, making skills feel more natural.

Controls 5/5

The controls are one of the best features of the Valorant PC version. They are intuitive, comfortable, and smooth – so you can really exercise your precise shooting skills. The variety of guns makes that system even more satisfying since you can choose the most appropriate gun for your playing style. However, it takes a lot of time to improve your aiming skills, so make sure to take your time.

Replay Value 4/5

Multiplayer shooters tend to be extremely replayable, and this game doesn’t seem to be an exception. If you play Valorant online with your friends, it can take months just to learn all of the heroes. Of course, there are not too many maps yet – but even four of them are more than enough for you to have fun.

The Bottom Line

Valorant combines smart design and an interesting hero system to create a great tactical shooter that can compete with CS itself. Download Valorant and try to outsmart the enemy team.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4

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