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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor Review: Dynamic Stealth Action

Hello Neighbor is a horror game based on stealth, in which you have to sneak into your creepy Neighbor’s house. Download Hello Neighbor and try to avoid getting caught.

Graphics 5/5

Hello Neighbor has become the first game to introduce players to the quirky world of the series – it manages to use realistic graphics with high-quality visual effects to create a deformed, weird town with all objects being slightly outlandish. This visual style is instantly recognizable, and it creates a gloomy, uneasy atmosphere that really suits the gameplay. And the design of the Neighbor himself is great. He’s not a monster of any kind, but you’ll definitely be petrified when you see him running towards you for the first time.

Gameplay 3/5

The overall Hello Neighbor gameplay is based on exploring a couple of levels while hiding or running from the mysterious Neighbor. Every level is basically the same: you have to sneak into the house, find your way to the basement, and invent a way to unlock the door. The house gets bigger as you progress, making the game not harder but easier with time. Getting access to various parts of the house requires solving a couple of puzzles, and they just lack any logic. So you have to solve them by trial and error, and this becomes annoying pretty soon.

Controls 4/5

The latest Hello Neighbor version does not require much from you. Basically, you just run around some house, picking up and throwing away items, and sometimes hiding under beds or in wardrobes. So you don’t really need to aim precisely or react too quickly, and your keyboard and mouse should be enough to play the game comfortably. However, the controls still feel a little bit clunky, and sometimes you just can’t help but feel really annoyed when you lose a couple of precious seconds on a simple action.

Replay Value 3/5

The game claims its AI to be so advanced that every time you enter a level, it feels different. The game remembers your favorite routes around the Neighbor’s house and adjusts traps in an unexpected way. A nice game design element in theory, this algorithm doesn’t seem to make too much difference. And the levels themselves can be learned pretty quickly, leaving almost no room for further exploration.

The Bottom Line

Hello Neighbor features interesting gameplay mechanics and a truly unique atmosphere, but it seems to have a too steep learning curve. Download Hello Neighbor and uncover the secrets of a scary house.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3

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