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Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot

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Bigfoot Review: Survival Horror Game

Bigfoot is a survival horror in which you gather a team of friends to hunt down mystical Bigfoots in an immensely vast and realistic forest. Download Bigfoot and try not to become prey yourself.

Graphics 5/5

The graphics are probably the most prominent feature of the Bigfoot survival horror game. Bigfoot utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, creating photorealistic surroundings with lots of nice effects, including water reflections, sunlight, and so on. The game world is varying and interesting – you can be sure that no matter where you go, you can always find some place to explore. And the Bigfoot specs are not that demanding – even a relatively outdated PC allows you to reach a decent FPS rate.

Gameplay 3/5

The entire Bigfoot gameplay is focused on tracking down and killing a Bigfoot. You can gather three or fewer friends – or try to capture one of the mysterious creatures yourself. However, even four hunters can do little face-to-face with the monster: the game is awfully unbalanced, and Bigfoots are overpowered, being able to destroy your entire party in a matter of seconds. So instead of being scary and suspenseful, the game is just frustrating. The map itself is not that big, and all of the random locations scattered here, and there are not that interesting, at least not yet. Add bugs appearing out of nowhere, and you’ll get the picture – the game is definitely not bad, but it still needs a lot of work, especially on the balance.

Controls 3/5

The controls are traditional for the survival horror genre: you move around the forest using your mouse and keyboard, looking around and shooting at every shadow that remotely looks like a Bigfoot. There’s almost nothing to do apart from that, and even this aspect is not perfect. Moving around feels a bit stiff, and jumping is almost useless.

Replay Value 3/5

While the game is a survival horror sandbox in which you can freely roam around the map, it still does not have enough features to be truly entertaining and captivating. Bigfoots are too powerful, and even a full squad of players is helpless when it comes to a direct confrontation. The world itself is half-empty, and many locations feel like they could use more work. All in all, the project is promising, but you will want to replay it only when it’s finally done.

The Bottom Line

Bigfoot may be visually stunning, but it lacks any original ideas or gameplay mechanics to be truly nice and entertaining. Download Bigfoot and explore its endless forests.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 3
  • Replay Value 3

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