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Tasty Planet Forever

Tasty Planet Forever

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Tasty Planet Forever Review: Funny Arcade Game

Tasty Planet Forever is a nice arcade game in which you play as a small cat that grows bigger by eating everything around it. Download Tasty Planet Forever and unlock even more characters and worlds.

Graphics 2/5

Tasty Planet Forever features a very primitive visual style. Basically, it’s just a 2D arcade game that looks extremely outdated and bland. It’s not that awful, but you definitely won’t be excited by its levels and characters. It’s hard to believe that this Tasty Planet Forever arcade game has been released in 2018 since the level of detail is so low and the overall impression is poor.

Gameplay 3/5

Despite being pretty disappointing visually, this Tasty Planet Forever arcade game features quite decent gameplay mechanics. The game is a traditional arcade in which you eat things around you, growing big and capable of consuming even bigger objects and creatures. Your first character is a small cat living in Paris, and your goal is to eat rats and baguettes until you grow huge enough to swallow entire buildings and cars. That allows you to unlock seven more levels with unique characters.

The list of characters includes an octopus, a cute bee, an experimental dingo, and even just a ball of goo that wants to destroy a human colony on Mars. Moreover, there is plenty of bonus characters that you can unlock during the game, including a killer whale, an elephant, and even a black hole. The variety of characters and levels is impressive, but the gameplay itself is rather boring and repetitive: you just walk around, swallowing things that are smaller than you.

Controls 4/5

The controls are not that important when it comes to this Tasty Planet Forever PC game. You just move your character around, and it consumes everything it touches automatically. That means you don’t even need a mouse to play the game – a keyboard is more than enough. This is a nice feature for people who don’t want to get too involved in playing this game.

Replay Value 3/5

While the overall Tasty Planet Forever gameplay is quite boring and monotonous, its replay value is not that low. With eight various levels to discover and a co-op mode, the game can be played for weeks – if you don’t have any better plans.

The Bottom Line

Tasty Planet Forever is not the most innovative arcade game, but it’s okay to spend a few hours of your spare time. Download Tasty Planet Forever and try to eat everything in the world.

  • Graphics 2
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3

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