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Scrap Mechanic

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Scrap Mechanic Review: Creative Multiplayer Sandbox

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox in which you have to survive on a hostile planet inhabited by crazy robots. Download Scrap Mechanic and build complex machines to fend off your enemies.

Graphics 4/5

The overall visual style of Scrap Mechanic can be described as realistic yet cartoonish. While most of the animations and special effects like dynamic shadows or reflections are top-notch, the models and textures are intentionally simplified to look crude and funny. This style may appear too simple to some players, but it really helps the game stand out visually, making it recognizable and somewhat cute.

Gameplay 5/5

All in all, the Scrap Mechanic gameplay is rather typical for a survival sandbox: exploring and crafting are the most important aspects of your experience, and the world is automatically generated to give you endless possibilities. The exploring element suggests that you and your team – yes, you can play Scrap Mechanic online – travel across the world, gathering resources, building bases, destroying hostile bots, and having fun with all kinds of curiosities.

The crafting system is even more promising: with hundreds of available building parts, you can create a variety of mechanisms, buildings and vehicles that behave realistically. The Scrap Mechanic simulation game also supports user-made mods, so you can download even more custom parts. The game features a couple of modes: in addition to Survival Mode, you can play Challenge Mode with various problems for you to solve, and Creative Mode that allows you to focus on your creations instead of surviving.

Controls 4/5

The controls are pretty flexible and convenient. Your character is easy to control, and the entire crafting system is designed in a way that allows a hands-on approach. Connecting things is intuitive, and you’re free to focus on inventing instead of fighting with your inventions. However, the learning curve is kind of steep, so prepare to spend some time figuring out how to do various things.

Replay Value 5/5

Scrap Mechanic aims to create a world in which you can live almost forever. With hundreds of building parts, you can create thousands of various buildings and structures – and you can share them with Scrap Mechanic’s community. Add trials from Challenge Mode and all of the multiplayer options – and what you get is hundreds of hours you can spend playing this game.

The Bottom Line

Scrap Mechanic is a creative sandbox that allows you to invent and create all kinds of structures. If you want to unlock your creative side, download Scrap Mechanic and have fun.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5

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